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This is what we call simple.

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Drag and Drop Assets
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✓ One time set up in under 60 minutes.
✓ Automatic conversion and delivery of all content.
✓ To update content for all of your partners, simply repeat Step 1.


So relax and be the hero! Shotfarm will automatically convert your data & assets to meet Walmart specs and immediately deliver it via their API. Which also makes editing a snap! And, with the same set of data, Shotfarm will convert & deliver to all your other retailers too!

What are clients say about us

  • “Using the Shotfarm platform from start to finish was quick and easy – not just the platform itself, but also how helpful the Shotfarm team was. Using Shotfarm was a lot more user friendly than the 3rd party sites we have to utilize for Walmart’s item creation process, which can literally take months of back and forth. We signed up, uploaded our product content & data to Shotfarm, and had everything pushed through to in less than 24 hours, all at a fraction of the cost of competing content providers. Shotfarm is a low-cost, high-reward partnership for us, which gives us the opportunity to get away from the endless spreadsheets and focus our time and energy on growing our business.”
    JP MorganOperations | WeVeel LLC
  • "My company approached Shotfarm because we had no luck getting content published to our online retailer using their own publication tool. Shotfarm helped load our content and assets into their tool and it was all published to the online retailer site the next day. I was thrilled by how quickly our item was visible online with the correct content and assets. Their customer service and sense of urgency has been an important part my decision to continue using Shotfarm to publish content to our online retailer."
    Tiffany HendersonBusiness Development Manager – Walmart | Central Pet & Garden


How to Choose the Right Walmart Partner for You

Questions to ask each vendor to make the right choice – and our answers:

Are you connected via the Walmart API?

Yes. Shotfarm’s Product Content Network™ and Switch Platform create an easy solution for suppliers to successfully upload product content that meet Walmart specs and are able to publish to Walmart,, and Sam’s Club. With Shotfarm’s integration, not only can we allow manufacturers to connect to Walmart, but through our award-winning partner enablement technology, any PIM, DAM and MDM can connect directly to Walmart.

Can seasonal vendors use Walmart’s Switch on Shotfarm’s platform?

Yes, all Walmart vendors can submit product information at any time through Shotfarm. Your Walmart Switch can be turned on or off at any time.

I know you have thousands of retail Switches available in addition to Walmart’s, but if I don’t see one of my retail partners in the Marketplace, what are my options?

  • Invite your retail partner to join you on Shotfarm and we can help get them set up on the platform to begin connecting with suppliers.
  • For a small fee, Shotfarm can create the Switch for you if you provide the product template and image specifications. Until your retail partner takes control of the Switch, Shotfarm will use email with a link for automated delivery.

As a Content Service Provider for Walmart, do you require a minimum term contract?

No. Shotfarm offers a free membership that includes all essential features on the Product Content Network™ such as uploading and sharing of original data and assets with both internal and external partners. For advanced features, including the use of Switches like Walmart’s, pricing is month-to-month and users can cancel anytime (but trust us, you won’t want to). Shotfarm also offers discounted annual prepay options, all of which can be found in the Plugin Store in your account.

How long does it take for a switch to get up and running?

It all depends on how well you maintain your master data at your company. With a well-groomed spreadsheet – regardless of format – you’ll have completed your main content push to Walmart in under 120 minutes. Subsequent pushes take no time at all since they’re automatic and as simple as adding more products to your account.

Will you convert our existing data to match Walmart supplier requirements or do we need to do that first before uploading and sharing content via Shotfarm?

Yes, we will convert your existing data to match Walmart’s product content requirements. That is what Switches were created to do. Upload your original data and install Walmart’s Switch, located in the Switch Marketplace. Shotfarm will do the rest.

The beauty of Shotfarm is that a single set of data can be used to fulfill all channels.

How about images? Do I need to convert those before uploading?

Nope – that’s all handled through the Switch. Upload the highest resolution image files in your format, and we’ll take care of the image transformation (file type, size, and naming convention) through the Switch.

Integrating directly with Walmart requires that spec files be saved as .xlsm or .xlsx. As a Content Service Provider (CSP) for Walmart, do you have a required file type for uploading data?

Shotfarm uses CSV file format for data input. Simply export any dataset from your favorite spreadsheet application in CSV format and drag into Shotfarm. We export to the retailers in their required format, i.e., xls, xlsx, xml, tsv, csv, json, etc.