Three Benefits of Switches for Retailers

Three Benefits of Switches for Retailers

Put an end to the costly process of specifying, requesting, chasing, reformatting and managing product information and assets. Switches provide retailers with a tool to configure and publish their unique product data, image, and delivery preferences, which automates the conversion process and dramatically decreases both their and their partners’ labor costs and time to market. Unlike manufacturers who push content through a Switch, retailers “receive content” through the Switch.

Retailers can find and purchase their partners’ Switches all in one central location. For no cost to retailers, Switches can help automate conversion, as well as helping retailers get the information they need. Switches are as easy and simple as “flipping a switch” and turning it on—see for yourself!

1. Quick and Easy Configuration

Switch creation and use is free to a Retail account, which means there is no risk for a retailer to sign up. When creating a Switch, retailers can choose from a number of powerful configuration options for images, data, delivery and messaging. A Switch allows Retailers to get accurate, reliable product data without complications at the fastest possible speed with the best possible product information and assets.

Once a Switch is configured by the retailer, it is published to Shotfarm’s Switch Marketplace where manufacturers can find and purchase their partners’ Switches to begin automating the conversion, formatting, normalization, and delivery of product information and assets. Start collecting realtime product information and assets from a platform brands actually enjoy using!

2. Highest Possible Partner Adoption

The price and usability of the Switch is within reach of all retailers and puts a smile on the faces of some of the world’s largest brands. For further adoption of Switches, it is important for retailers to get all of their suppliers to join—the more available, the easier it is to send and receive product content. Retailers can download any number of files from any number of partners at no cost.

3. Save Thousands of Resource Hours Per Year

Shotfarm’s Switches allow retailers to save thousands of resource hours per year because creating a Switch is as easy as clicking “Create New” and selecting options in the Switch Creator to complete automatic conversion, validation and delivery of product content. By setting up a Switch, retailers can easily configure their product assets, data, and delivery preferences. Take a look at this website which uses one of the top web development companies and find best products.

Join more than 7,500 Retailers and Brands on the Product Content Network™, and begin collecting formatted content today! Need help setting up your Switch? Call us at 312.239.0823 or email