Shotfarm Helps Suppliers Deliver Product Content to Walmart

Shotfarm Helps Suppliers Deliver Product Content to Walmart

Did you hear the news? Uploading product content to Walmart just got a lot easier! With the integration of Shotfarm’s Product Content Network and Switch platform, brands can easily and successfully upload product content for publishing to—a task that was once far too difficult to accomplish. With Shotfarm’s integration, not only can we allow suppliers to connect to Walmart, but through our award winning partner enablement technology any PIM/MDM system on the planet can also connect directly to Walmart and other major retailers. If you need a reliable delivery service like this, then hire Shiply to get your items delivered to your house. Kitchenistic is the leading resource compare local tradesmen for the modern kitchen featuring detailed buyer reviews, cooking tips and culinary advice. For more information, read kitchen reviews.

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A Look at Walmart’s Spec

Walmart’s Spec is a new product content specification that was designed to collect the rich product content needed to drive online discoverability and sales from all of its suppliers. And, ultimately, the more accurate, quality product data suppliers can provide, the better the products will sell online or in-stores—it significantly improves a customer’s shopping experience. Suppliers are required to provide product information along with information they believe would be valuable to Walmart customers, which further highlights Walmart’s drive to strengthen its e-commerce presence and improve data quality across purchase channels.

We know the importance of product data because, as stated in Shotfarm’s Product Information Report, “quality and completeness of product presentation in online retail has a quantifiable and direct impact on product sales.” It shows that consumers place a significant value on high-quality product content, regardless of product type, price, or purchasing channel. Data is often inaccurate, inconsistent, incomplete and even outdated, but combined with Shotfarm’s partner enablement technology, it ensures product content management is at its best in order to not only safeguard customer happiness, but manufacturers as well.

Direct Publishing of Product Content

Shotfarm worked closely with Walmart to build in the new requirements into our platform so that the process could be as seamless as possible. Through Shotfarm’s Switch platform, suppliers, as well as PIM and MDM systems, can readily format and convert product data into retailers’ desired formats, which makes product management exchange easier and faster than ever. Suppliers can simply purchase a Walmart-branded Switch and automatically reformat and convert original product data to fit the requirements. The pre-configured Walmart Switch provides an ‘easy button’ designed for vendors to share content with Walmart.

The ability to upload product data helps Walmart better track products, as well as assisting shoppers in making their purchase decisions. Whether a customer is shopping online or in the store, the ease of digitally updating the content helps to ensure product data is accurate and timely—creating a seamless process from brand to customer.

Walmart aims to offer the most complete, consistent, and accurate product experience for their customers—a goal shared by Shotfarm. With Shotfarm’s Switch platform, it significantly enhances Walmart suppliers’ ability to be successful in meeting the requirements of Walmart’s Spec because sharing content with Walmart is “drag-and-drop” dead simple with Shotfarm.

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