Rich Media Hosting

Deep Zoom, 3D Spin, and Video all in a single, mobile-ready HTML5 viewer!

Shotfarm’s Rich Media Management and Hosting for Ecommerce was designed to be super easy to manage on the backend, yet deliver the experience shoppers expect on the front end. And, when combined with our free Product Content Network, Shotfarm virtually eliminates the need to chase down high quality vendor content your shoppers crave…it’s just here. On Shotfarm, you simply find and publish.

Free high-quality product content for life!

You’ll be happy to know that Shotfarm’s Rich Media Hosting is powered by our widely adopted Product Content Network, a free, centralized platform where thousands of manufacturers and retailers manage and share product images and information. It’s as if your account comes with your very own vendor portal, one that vendors will actually use! You invite, they upload, you publish…everyone wins.

Ready for Mobile

Mobile optimization is not an “option”. Our rich product viewer experience is mobile optimized for iOS and Android devices. One implementation covers both desktop and mobile platforms.

Video Delivered

You asked for video support and we listened. Shotfarm delivers streaming MP4, YouTube and Vimeo product video creating the only all-media HTML5 viewer for a fast, elegant and unified experience.

From just $89/month!

Shotfarm’s Rich Media Hosting for Ecommerce levels the playing field with a completely new approach. Because of the size of our Product Content Network, we’re able to offer stunning features at dramatically lower prices for all of our members. You can get into the game for as little as $89/month! The only things we don’t offer are contracts and setup fees!

All of the visual detail your customers demand

Adidas F50 TRX FG Samba Pack Cleats

Inspired by the national colors and iconic Carnival celebration of Brasil, host of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, these men’s soccer cleats are designed with high energy colors and bold graphics that help players stand out on the field. Fitted with TRAXION™ FG studs for a ferocious grip on firm ground pitches, this elite-level cleat dominates from box to box with SPRINTFRAME heel-to-toe stability and a DRIBBLETEX grip across key areas all around the upper, for goal-bound steals, blocks and shots.

  • HYBRIDTOUCH synthetic leather material for premium softness, light weight and performance
  • Semi-transparent SPEEDFOIL upper material for light weight, soft feel, high durability and great heel fit
  • DRIBBLETEX raised 3D grip texture for high-speed dribbling under wet and dry conditions
  • The SPRINTFRAME construction uses geometrical research and a new stud configuration to offer the perfect balance between light weight and stability



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All of the tools your creative team craves

Advanced Media Management and Enrichment Tools

Amazing functionality like multi-axis 360º spin becomes even more powerful because we offer the easiest-to-use hosting management tools on the market. Our batch uploader allows all facets of hosting to be performed on upload, such as asset ordering or swatch setup. Want to refine ImageSets? Our ImageSet management panel is a paragon of efficiency. You can quickly add assets, embed YouTube videos, ‘drag-and-drop’ to change asset order or edit captions and setup swatches.


All of the features you’d expect

100% HTML5

Built in HTML5 for a seamless experience on any device, including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android. All functionality, including 360° spin and video is supported on mobile and desktop browsers.

360º 3D Spin

Multi-axis 360º spin allows your customers to spin products on three planes, from eye-level to bird’s eye view. And we offer the easiest workflow tools on the market for creating and deploying SpinSets.

All Media

Zoom deep into any image, spin a bicycle on three axes, or watch a compelling product video-all within a single viewer. Creating powerful product presentations is as easy as ‘drag and drop’.

Device Aware

Shotfarm’s viewer knows when a customer is on a mobile device and delivers a specially formatted interface designed to maximize their device’s capabilities.

Powerful CDN

Rely on Akamai, the world’s most trusted Content Delivery Network to deliver high resolution content to your customers blazingly fast.

Batch Upload

Upload thousands of files using our incredibly easy manifest upload tool and batch deploy ImageSets and thumbnails to your ecommerce site.

Embed or Popup

We offer three integration options: direct embed on your product page, simple iFrame embed, or popup on click. All offer the same ease of implementation and day-to-day management.

ImageSet Sharing

New built-in sharing feature allows for easy sharing of product ImageSets with partners. They can embed them anywhere on their websites without developer integration (as easy to embed as a YouTube video!).


Keep the user experience seamless by tailoring the embedded viewer to your site’s look and feel with easy interface customization. Popup versions can also be branded with your company’s logo.

Simple Install

Just add a single line of JavaScript to your product page template, create an ImageSet, and you’re off to the races! ImageSets are as easy to embed as a YouTube video with no developer integration needed.

Pricing Your Way

Other services will lure you with a bunch of extra features that you’ll end up never using. Shotfarm allows you to pay for just the features you need with the option to upgrade or downgrade at anytime.

No Contracts

Cancel your monthly subscription any time you like with no fees or headaches. And, take your time kicking the tires, we want you to be 100% comfortable. We just slap a watermark on the product images until you’re ready to go live.

All at a third of legacy pricing

Shotfarm’s Rich Media Hosting delivers advanced product presentation and maximum conversion rates at a fraction of the cost of legacy providers. Implementation typically takes less than a day even on the most complex systems. Migration from other platforms such as Adobe Scene7 can take even less time. Get in touch today to see what Shotfarm can do for you!

Host Shotfarm Images Dynamically

Dynamically generate unlimited variations of any image

Shotfarm’s Dynamic Image Hosting plugin for manufacturer accounts generates the file format, size, shape, and quality level dynamically from a single source image file and a simple set of URL commands. The dynamically created file is also hosted on the Amazon CloudFront Content Delivery Network for blazing fast image hosting world-wide.

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