Retailers & Distributors

Retailers & Distributors

Shotfarm allows Retailers to easily collect high quality product and marketing content from ALL of their suppliers.




Start Here: Grab It. The biggest improvement is easy and free.



Shotfarm is determined to solve the problem of data exchange by centralizing the process and the only way to centralize is by making essential functionality free for all partners. Retailers can download any number of files from any number of partners at no cost.


Unlike any other Digital Asset Management system, Shotfarm starts by centralizing manufacturers’ product images and information within the entire retail industry. Self-service access can then be given to any member, from internal departments to external partners.


At its core, Shotfarm is a rock-solid Digital Asset Management system with features found in high-priced solutions. But our networked model goes far beyond the capabilities of any DAM by offering standardized data and workflow across ALL partners and ALL channels.


Cloud Powered

Shotfarm services are delivered from the cloud. No need for your IT department’s approval or “integration”. Just access Shotfarm from any web browser on any desktop PC or laptop. With no software to install or operational issues to deal with, there are no headaches!

Find Products Fast

Instead of folders, we use product metadata and LightBoxes to make organizing and finding assets across multiple sources an absolute breeze. A thousand manufacturers using Shotfarm can organize their assets differently without affecting a retailer’s ability to find them.

Download Assets & More

Once you’ve gathered and organized the assets you need, you can download them, and their data, in all their high-resolution glory. Better yet, create and publish a Switch for an automated, customized, manufacturer data feed.


Next: Automate It. Create a feed of high quality product information in a way that works for ALL of your suppliers by making a Switch!




Create a PIM-ready manufacturer product feed simply by publishing a set of data, image, and delivery preferences.




Introduce partners to your Switch using our handy messaging tool to drive adoption and quickly realize the benefits.




Product content converted and delivered automatically — the way you need it, where you need it, when you need it.



Make your team more efficient by applying powerful processing options such as file name conversion and image file transformations. File Renamer and Image Processor allow you to standardize assets from any source improving your speed to market.


Manage Switch data including conversion, validation, and output options so it is ready for ingestion by your ecommerce platform. Killer features include mapping of manufacturer data fields to retailer output fields and the ability to deliver URLs that link to the files.


How would you like data and assets delivered when processed through your Switch? Our delivery options include account download, email notice with download link, delivery to a private web directory, and push to FTP — all on an automated schedule.


Spread the Word

Adding partners to your Switch network is easy and enhances the value you will receive from the Shotfarm platform. Our one-click automated publish announcement emails and periodic reminders to update their catalogs will do the trick. Plus, we will notify you about the latest data feed deliveries. Getting the word out has never been this easy.


Upload artwork to dress up your Switch. Add a name, and descriptions to describe your Switch and make it informative and look beautiful in our Switch Marketplace. Don’t forget to share content specification files with your partners so they know your content needs and expectations.


You need product information and images in your format, and you want them fast. To help increase supplier adoption you may want to pay for all, or a percentage of, your Switch costs. You can even pay for a select group of partners. And you can set a limit for budget certainty.