Product Information Report

Is product content helping or hurting your brand?

New study details the impact quality content has in accelerating or derailing online sales.

Like never before, online shoppers are in the driver’s seat.

These savvy consumers not only seek out the best prices, according to a new Shotfarm survey, they also look for product content that will allow them to make informed decisions. In short, product information can go a long way towards determining whether a purchase is made or a shopper walks away.

The just-released Shotfarm Product Information Report outlines the views of more than 1,500 consumers and the importance they place on quality product content. What the Report makes clear is that purchases are made from those retailers and brands whose product information makes a shopper feel confident in doing so.

Other key Report findings include:

  1. The quality and completeness of product information across industries and retail channels can significantly impact online sales and brand trust.
  2. There is a direct correlation between the quality of product information and conversion, shopping cart abandonment, returns, and brand equity.
  3. Those retailers and brands offering the most compelling, engaging, and complete content are viewed as the most trustworthy by shoppers and will be rewarded by repeat purchases, lower levels of returns, and long-term loyalty.

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