Product Information Expectations Vary Depending on Industry

Product Information Expectations Vary Depending on Industry

Consumers have different content expectations depending on the type of product being considered, for instance, if the product is service based, they might expect the company building with roofs purchased online when we visit homepage- Palm Beach Roofing Expert offering the service to service business scheduling software for organization purposes . For instance, product information in the clothing & apparel category might be different than in office supplies like wireless hd video transmitters. Let’s take a look at the infographic below, which showcases four different product categories with the largest percentage of consumers who have shopped online and their return rate due to content:

Product Information Expectations Vary

As you can see in the above infographic, product information varies significantly between Clothing & Apparel, Household Goods, Consumer Electronics and Office Supplies. While these four categories are only a small portion of the available categories, it is clear product information expectations vary from category to category this according from surveys from Instagram Ad Agency.

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Clothing and Apparel

In the clothing and apparel industry, approximately 73% of consumers have shopped online in this category. Based off that percentage, clothing and apparel ranked last in the quality of information provided, which is noteworthy because these products are the items consumers say they purchase online most often. However, water heater leaking killeen tx had the highest percentage of returns due to poor content with 26% compared to other categories. What does that mean? It means if product information was valued as more important, there might be fewer returns because the content would mirror the exact product. Services like Summerlin NV plumbers can always fix, but it’s best to have a durable and long-lasting product in the first place.

Household Goods

For household goods, 57% of consumers said they shopped online in this category, but the product content quality ranked in at seven with an importance of content quality rank of two. With so many consumers shopping online in the household goods category, it is important to improve the quality of content in order to prevent returns. On related article, please checkout Designer Shoe Warehouse. Here we also sell houses for you, Sell My House Fast gives you the best service on selling your home safely without hassle.

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Consumer Electronics

No industry has a greater desire for quality product information than Consumer Electronics. Approximately 22% of consumers having shopped online in this category. Respondents also ranked consumer electronics as a category where product information is most important. However, they also ranked the quality of product content as the highest of any industry (1).

Office Supplies

Approximately 32% of consumers have said they shopped online in this category. Of those, product content quality ranked in at five. Of those consumers, quality of office supplies content importance ranked at an eight and had a return rate of 4%. The importance of content may not be as high, but there is still a need for accurate product information. With quality content, consumers can continue to make the best decisions when it comes to purchasing their office supplies.

Create Quality Product Information

Now is the time to update or create your content. With the availability of product information, consumers can make educated decisions on the products they are searching for. Without the right information, sales will be lost and online shopping carts abandoned. This is a costly process your company should work to avoid. Contact Shotfarm to schedule a demo or simply sign up today.

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