Privacy Policy


Updated May 25, 2018

The following terms govern Shotfarm’s collection, use of and responsibilities regarding your personal information on (the “Site”). Using the Site indicates that you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy.

The Site is owned and operated by Shotfarm, LLC (collectively “Shotfarm”, “we” and “our”). Shotfarm manages the collection, storage and use of all personal information with the exception of your payment and credit card information. We may change this Privacy Policy at any time. We will post the new policy on the Site and notify our members that a change has been made.

Your privacy is very important to us and we take every measure to protect it. If you have questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please contact us.


i. Registration Information
On registration, with the exception of your name and work email address, we collect publicly available information about your company. This includes: your company name, address, website and type (retailer, manufacturer, distributor, etc).

ii. Session Information
We may collect information from your user session such as your IP address, browser type and pages you visit to better understand where improvements to the site are needed.

iii. Payment Information
If you sign up for any of our premium products, you will need to submit payment information in order for us to process your transactions. Your payment information is submitted to our secure third party payment processing provider using SSL and is never seen or stored by Shotfarm, Shotfarm’s employees, or Shotfarm’s servers. We take every precaution available to protect your payment information during submission.

iv. Passwords
When you sign up for an account, a password is generated and sent to you at which point you can log in and change it if you wish. Both the passwords generated by Shotfarm and those created by users are stored as hash in our databases. They are therefor not human readable, hackable, nor visible to any Shotfarm employee.


i. Provide the Best, Most Secure Shotfarm Experience Possible
We use the personal information above to verify each and every member of Shotfarm so you can be sure you’re part of a secure community. We use the information to create your account and enable you to actively use the functionality we provide.

ii. Keep it Private
Shotfarm will never disclose your personal information (Name and Email Address) to anyone outside Shotfarm for any reason. This has been our policy since the site launched in 2010. Your name and email address, however, are available to your partners on Shotfarm via a usage report. This allows Shotfarm members to better understand and serve their partners.

iii. Contact You
Shotfarm’s system will use your personal information to contact you via email with account-related information, company updates, support, promotions, invitations to connect, sharing content, and coming or released technology updates. You may unsubscribe to company updates and promotions at any point but, in order to keep your account and the platform running smoothly, we need to retain the ability to contact you regarding any of the other reasons listed above.


i. Blog
Shotfarm’s blog is visible to all members and visitors to our external site and any comments you post will be available to anyone who views these pages. Shotfarm is not responsible for any use or misuse of personal information provided by you on our blog. You are responsible for the content of any posts.

ii. Your Contacts
When you send invitations, asset requests, share folders or individual assets to non-members, the Shotfarm functionality requires the email addresses of these individuals. Depending on the function, Shotfarm may send followup emails to your contacts. They are able to unsubscribe at any time to be permanently removed from the Shotfarm mailing list.

iii. Cookies
Shotfarm does use cookies to store certain information about you so the system can remember certain preferences for you automatically. If you would like to refuse cookies, you should set your browser to do so. Without cookies, however, you may limit your ability to access the Site.


i. You can view your personal information and the information about your company on your Account page. Some of the information is editable and some requires a request using the links provided on the page. Any changes to your personal or company information will require verification similar to original signup for security purposes.

ii. You can delete your account and all associated information at any time via request at