Packaged Goods Product Information Infographic

Packaged Goods Product Information Infographic

Let’s take a fragmented journey of packaged goods product information–how do you get your product data to the right retailers? Many times it is a journey that has many obstacles to go through just to reach a retailer, but there is a simpler solution with Shotfarm. Through the convenience of Shotfarm’s Switches, manufacturers can easily transfer product information to retailers in the right formats directly without having to use multiple sources.

In this Packaged Goods Product Information Infographic, many manufacturers spend money and utilize valuable time to blindly submit product information that may require time consuming steps to get to the retailer, while others never make it to the retailer at all. This fragmented journey of packaged goods product information can be easier with the use of a Shotfarm Switch. For more information on how good pheromone products are you can visit this blog for Liquid Trust.

Packaged Goods Infographic


Through Shotfarm’s Switch platform, manufacturers can readily format and convert product data into retailers’ desired formats, which makes ecommerce content management and exchange easier and faster than ever. Manufacturers can simply purchase a Retailer’s Switch and automatically reformat and convert original product data to fit that retailer’s specific requirements. The pre-configured Switches provide an “easy button” designed for vendors to share content with their retailers.

With Shotfarm’s Switch platform, it significantly enhances a manufacturer’s ability to be successful in meeting the requirements of their retailers because sharing content is as easy as “drag-and-drop” with Shotfarm.  Manufacturers can successfully upload and translate product information to meet their Retailer’s specific requirements–saving time and money. On related article please checkout