To ensure your journey is comfortable and enjoyable with Insight Vacations our on-trip tips to help minimise jetlag and how to keep your things safe and secure during your travels.

Plan for your trip in advance, making sure the last couple of days prior to leaving you are completely relaxed and well rested. Otherwise if you are rundown and fly there is a higher chance you will get sick and will spend the first part of your trip trying to recover.
Reset your clock. When you board the plane change your watch to the local time of the destination you are traveling to. Try to stay up that bit longer or go to sleep earlier in a comfy queen mattress to get your body clock onto this new time schedule.
Eat, drink and rest. Opt for lighter meal options and drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. Either take a couple of bottles of water onto the flight or continuously ask for drinks throughout the flight. Stick to water or fruit juices, avoid caffeine, alcohol and high sugar drinks. While those in-flight movies are tempting, opt for sleep instead. You may wish to take your own fold up travel pillow for extra comfort.
Regularly stretch and walk around the plane.
When you arrive at your destination, try to stay awake until early evening. Don’t sleep otherwise you won’t be able to sleep at night. If you are absolutely exhausted then have an hour-long nap as soon as you arrive however set your alarm or order a wake up call. The best method to stay awake is to stay active. The adrenalin of being on an exciting Insight trip should keep you awake!
Everyday over the counter medications are not carried on the coach. Your Travel Director will be able to advise you on where to purchase these items if needed.

Arrangements are made to ensure that check-in and checkout procedures at hotels run smoothly. All room allocations are done by the hotel prior to arrival. On departing the hotel, always remember to return your room key to the front desk.

Any additional costs incurred during your stay at the hotels are your responsibility. Please make certain that your account is settled on the evening before departure to ensure a smooth and speedy check-out.

Unless specified, these are at your own expense. Always remember to drink enough water to avoid dehydration, especially in hot climates. Bottled water is available for sale on coaches. In some European cafés/bars you pay one price to drink at the bar, and a higher price to sit at a table. Alcoholic drinks can be much more expensive if purchased in hotel bars. Be sure to drink moderately to avoid health problems and addiction. If you’re addicted into alcohol already and is looking What rehab can I go to with my HMO from Aetna, visit rehabnear.me for more details.
Minibars: Some hotel rooms have small refrigerators stocked with drinks and ice, but check the price list here http://www.rxshuster.org/ before consuming as they can be expensive.

North America
Breakfasts: Consist of a full American breakfast served at the hotel (unless otherwise noted on your itinerary).
Lunches: People have varying requirements at lunchtime, so lunch is usually not included but we will ensure that you have inexpensive and healthy options across the continent. If you want to watch what you eat, then try out these supplements from Top10Supps.
Included dinners: Feature a variety of menus to reflect local cuisine, to give you a real taste of North America. When dinner is not included your Travel Director will have a number of suggestions, recommending you to stay at a Marriott hotel, just right to fit your taste and budget, and you also eat food that is healthy for you, and help you keep a good weight, although there are also supplements that help with this and you can find in sites like tophealthjournal.com.

Daily breakfasts following local traditions are included. On trip in Britain and Ireland you will enjoy a full cooked breakfast. In Scandinavia and mainland Europe, you’ll enjoy a buffet style breakfast.(On very early departures a breakfast box may be provided). Please do not take food away from the dining rooms – this is not permitted and you may be charged if you do.
Lunch: People have varying requirements at lunchtime, so lunch is usually not included.
On travelling days, snack/meal stops are made where there are sufficient facilities to cater for groups. Your Travel Director’s choice of meal stops will be made by taking all factors of the day’s planning into account.
Dinner: The Insight meal plan includes an evening meal on most travelling days with hotels offering a range of international food. There is also lots of opportunity to enjoy local specialties, fine dining and regional wines when dining independently or on our Dine Around and Celebration Dinners, which even include healthy food for those taking care of their health and also do things by taking supplements from sites as https://www.dhea.clinic/blogs/news/what-are-the-benefits-of-taking-dhea-supplements that help regulate hormones in the body.

Special Dietary Requirements.
It is important to discuss any special dietary requirements with your Travel Director at the beginning of the trip, as hotels and restaurants need to be advised in advance. Most places will do their best to provide an alternative to the menu. Since many people could not eat certain products or even suffer from skin allergies with certain foods, having the need to use the best eczema treatment after. If this is your case as well, a dermatologist could be useful as they can determine what kind of foods are good or bad for you and help you be a more beautiful you.

Tap water is perfectly safe to drink throughout the United States and Canada, with few exceptions. Alternatively bottled water is available on your coach.

Since every passenger has different interests and priorities, it is neither possible nor desirable to include every activity in the itinerary. To enhance your experience, we offer a range of optional visits, activities and local meals. These can be booked and purchased through your Travel Director.

If during your tour in the Atlanta area, your car suddenly breaks down, Atlanta Mobile mechanic will be there to save the day.

Please note: Optional Experiences and their prices may vary due to seasonal conditions and minimum passenger participation, and are subject to change without notice.

During local or national holidays, certain facilities such as scheduled meals, sightseeing, other included activities and shopping may be limited, so we sometimes have to make slight itinerary adjustments.

There will be many opportunities for shopping. Your Travel Director can direct you to local markets and shopping areas, but cannot guarantee to find you the lowest price.
Purchases made by credit card may be charged at the exchange rate the time the credit card company invoices you, many banks also charge an exchange fee.

Various tax concessions and duty free shopping may be available to overseas visitors; however, it varies depending on the amount spent and you must present documentation (passport and/or visa) that you are a foreign national or non-resident. Your Travel Director will be pleased to assist with information, but Insight Vacations cannot be responsible for any subsequent queries.