New Dashboard Enhances Processes for Manufacturers!

New Dashboard Enhances Processes for Manufacturers!

The new beta version of your Dashboard is live! The Dashboard can be found at the top of the login landing page, which is “Home” on the main application menu bar. As a Manufacturer you may be striving to enhance your processes in order to maintain ease of use and efficiency and with the release of the new beta version of your Dashboard, you can do just that! The Dashboard displays three reporting elements for your convenience: Latest Content Updates, Partners, and Top LightBoxes. With the Dashboard, our goal is to provide you with key information at a glance, so you can continue to provide Retailers with the information they need all in one convenient location.

Latest Content Updates

One report available through the new Dashboard is the Product Updates. Product Updates allow users to remain up-to-date with the latest advancements and changes without having to search through different fields. This report shows the most recent date that Data and Assets have been updated (independently) with an action to take them to the respective content coming soon.


Through this section, manufacturers are able to successfully maintain their partners, requests and invites in one area. The Connections graph has two sections: Pending and Active. The Pending section includes requests from retailers to the manufacturer, and invites from that manufacturer to their partners. In the Partners section, the active number of partnerships are displayed. And, at the bottom is a “Manage Partners” action that displays if there are outstanding partner requests that need to be granted.

Top LightBoxes

In the third report, the top 5 LightBoxes are sorted by the number of downloads in the last 30 days integrated with the website design. This box will display all manufacturer created LightBoxes regardless of Access Level and the total number of times that LightBox has been exported. With the availability of Top LightBoxes in the Dashboard, users can easily access the Top LightBoxes for quick and easy download.

For more information on our new Beta version of the Dashboard, log into your account or contact us at!