Mobile and the Retail Industry: Get Ready for the Holidays

Mobile and the Retail Industry: Get Ready for the Holidays

Summer is quickly winding down, texas online defensive driving school has begun, no more time to go camping with a tent from Survival Cooking and we are all getting situated in our jobs for the fall and winter seasons. While the holidays are still a couple months away, it is important to act now before the chaos of the season gets the best of our businesses. One area to focus on within the retail industry is mobile. From smartphones to tablets and laptops, consumers are going mobile more than ever before when shopping. Many even choose to shop online rather than visit the store. You may even order your Christmas tree online. So, with the holidays creeping up on us, how does mobile play a role in the retail industry this season? If these items are too expensive then you could stock up on laptop deals so the price will go down.

Online Shopping

E-Commerce goes beyond simple online shopping—it’s about mobile shopping. Research has shown people shop on their phones more than on their computers. Our phones are extensions of who we are, and Retailers need to look to mobile to develop relationships with consumers through phones or tablets. After all, when was the last time you went anywhere without a phone? Probably not recently. Mobile is a way to engage with the consumer, track their preferences, and open a dialogue to complete the customer online identification service experience.

An Omni-channel Approach

The Retail industry is one of the fastest growing and most competitive sectors. However, a lot of Retail Brands have not been able to jump on the UX bandwagon and become customer experience leaders. The main challenge is being able to deliver great experiences consistently for each customer. We know there is a need for an omni-channel customer experience, but Retailers are stuck with the challenge of how to go about it.

Retailers need to create a single, unified platform that offers a smooth holistic customer experience across all touchpoints while eliminating the concept of individual customer channels if they want to thrive in today’s marketplace—especially this upcoming holiday season. Speaking of holiday, If you’re looking for water sports accessories for women just visit female water shoes.

It’s All About Data

The deciding factor in a Brand’s ability to succeed is their ability to effectively collect and use data. As Retailers like Walmart continue to work on their omni-channel capabilities, smart integration of product data will be key to successful execution. Retailers need all data to be unified in one central location. And, with the ability to easily accept and download product data from various Brands, Retailers can continue to keep their websites up-to-date with the latest product information. This allows consumers to have a seamless experience while shopping online.

A Hybrid Brick and Mortar Experience

What about the best of both worlds? Through a sort of hybrid brick and mortar and eCommerce experience, many Retailers can offer services both online and in-store. Many Retailers have real stores where consumers can look at clothing or other items, but also have the option of purchasing online. Some Retailers even go as far as having real stores for trying on clothing, but don’t sell in-store. By the way, if you love fashionable shapewear, view it here now at Instead, stores like Bonobos, allow consumers to try on clothes in-store, choose their favorites, and then order it all online. This is a big opportunity for many Retailers, which doubled in the past three years, and there continues to be a lot of room for expansion as we transition into a new era of Retail.

You might not have time to create a “hybrid brick and mortar experience”, but you can improve mobile shopping options. In the end, there should be no greater priority than ensuring your customers have the best experience. Through great user experience, your customers will be happy and remain loyal to your Brand.

The upcoming holiday season will put a company’s evolving Brand strategy to the test. Now is the time to begin execution. Start by enhancing your product content through Shotfarm’s Product Content Network and sync up with Brands.