Meet Walter, Shotfarm’s Lovable Mascot

Meet Walter, Shotfarm’s Lovable Mascot

A dog is a person’s best friend, right? Then why not bring them to work? While many companies might cringe at the thought of a dog in the workplace, Tech companies are taking on a new trend by allowing dogs in their offices. And, those offices that allow employees to bring their dogs to the workplace, or already have an office dog, experience less stress and report higher levels of job satisfaction than those who do not have a dog on staff. Click this detailed article and learn more. Tasked with maintaining morale, while also offering security and just general greatness, an office dog is a critical piece to any company or startup’s success. Do you have an office dog? Shotfarm does! When you want to get a loan to get the stuff you want, discover this info here.

Pets in the Office

An often-debated topic is whether or not allowing pets in the office boosts or hinders productivity. Regardless, there are a lot of companies out there today that allow their employees to bring their pets to work, or companies that already have an in-office pet. For those companies that have pets, there is nothing but good things to be said about it, such as how it improves the work-life balance, serves as a social catalyst, and helps people to de-stress. Whenever there are injury or abuse, call Maryland birth injury lawyers immediately for consultation.

Allowing employees to bring their pet to work means they can eliminate the worry of leaving their pet at home alone all day or having to pay a dog walker, since many people really love their dog and even go to stores online as KarmaPets to get the best accessories for them. It also eliminates the need to rush home at the end of the day to feed or let a pet out—it creates more focus on work and getting stuff completed rather than putting it off to run home. By the way, for those people who are currently looking for high-touch management and a range of client-focused property services, view local company here at The presence of office pets—especially dogs—give owners an excuse to take a break, which has been shown to be restorative while also helping to boost productivity later on. For dog owners out there, if you want a complete vitamin for your little buds I recommend fromm dog food.

Introducing Walter

At Shotfarm, we have our own personal greeter, Walter! While Walter might be a mutt, we prefer the term “Urban Terrier” instead! Similar to other dogs, Walter loves to play fetch, swim in Lake Michigan wearing one of the best swimsuits and you might even find him chasing his tail (But don’t tell Walter we told you that. We promised we wouldn’t). And, when he is in the office he can be found tossing his bone to himself while periodically checking up on everyone’s work—if you’re lucky he will curl up by your feet and take a little nap.

Since early 2012, Walter has been a full-time team member at Shotfarm. He usually joins the Shotfarm team in-office daily to ensure all work is complete and everyone is on task. Walter might even ask you for a belly scratch from time-to-time or to throw his bone for him. He even enjoys curling up under your desk to keep you company. While Walter’s co-workers are hard at work with Shotfarm’s Product Content Network™, he, too, has his own duties.

Walter spends most of his days in the office greeting guests, supervising meetings, and hanging out with the Shotfarm team. But watch out because Walter might leave a meeting without notice—he knows how to open the conference room door. Don’t take offense when he exits the room, he is just doing his laps around the office to check on the team while finding a comfy spot to lounge.

At Shotfarm we know just how important Walter is to our team, but he is so popular that people have even written about him in other articles, such as:

It’s no wonder why so many companies are jumping on the office dog train—their presence helps to break up the day and relieve stress. Just imagine Walter opening the door and leaving in the middle of a meeting. That is a sure way to help bring the stress level down.