Manufacturers & Brands

Manufacturers & Brands

Shotfarm provides a centralized, intelligent system for managing and distributing your product and marketing content.



Upload Assets

Drag & drop files onto your Assets page. No file type or size restrictions. It can’t get any easier than this.


Add Data

Drag & drop any number of product spreadsheets into your Data page and append them to create a ‘Virtual Master’. Assets and data merge automatically. Its power is in its simplicity.


Install Switches

Find and install partner Switches in our Switch Marketplace. Then push product content through them in the Export Factory.



Start Here:Your free membership to Shotfarm’s Product Content Network™ comes standard with everything you need to instantly improve your workflow.



Shotfarm is determined to solve the problem of data exchange by centralizing the process and the only way to centralize is by making essential functionality free for all partners. Retailers can download any number of files from any number of partners at no cost.


Unlike any other Digital Asset Management system, Shotfarm starts by centralizing manufacturers’ product images and information within the entire retail industry. Self-service access can then be given to any member, from internal departments to external partners.


At its core, Shotfarm is a rock-solid Digital Asset Management system with features found in high-priced solutions. But our networked model goes far beyond the capabilities of any DAM by offering standardized data and workflow across ALL partners and ALL channels.


Easy Upload

Whether uploading ten or 10,000 products, we’ve reduced uploading to a simple drag-and-drop action. Manufacturers quickly upload brand assets and data, while Shotfarm takes care of marrying the assets and data automatically into products ready to share with your partners.

Find Assets Fast

Instead of folders, we use product metadata and LightBoxes to make finding assets and managing product content across multiple sources an absolute breeze. A thousand manufacturers using Shotfarm can organize their assets differently without affecting a retailer’s ability to find them.

Filename Agnostic

Filenames can be all over the place and a nightmare to decode. Since Shotfarm uses basic product information to identify assets, you can find, manage and share files without ever having to look at a file name. And, with Switches, any naming convention can be performed on export for consistent file names.


Easy File Sharing

We’ve studied the best file sharing services and built a better solution. Sharing a group of assets with any member or non-member is as easy as adding assets to a LightBox, clicking Share, and then entering email address(es) from the built-in address book. A link to the files and content is immediately sent.

Simple Security

With your partners on the same network, security for business owners becomes easy to manage. By default, products are private to users within your company. When you are ready, change the Access Level to make them visible to your partners, or optionally everyone on the Product Content Network™. Manufacturers can never view or download another manufacturer’s products.

Product Content Management

Adding and editing product content is made simple, yet powerful. Shotfarm builds a Virtual Data Master which consists of a Master spreadsheet and any number of additional worksheets that are virtually appended. This allows owners of different datasets within a company to work collaboratively (or independently) on the company’s product content.


Next: Trick out your account with optional features from the Plugin Store.

Asset Control

Do you have new products with future launch dates, or assets that need to expire on a certain date? Asset Timer lets you select dates to automatically change Access Levels for automated control of who sees what, when!

Branded Portal

Brand your Shotfarm library, add a custom login page, internal home page, and require your partners to accept marketing or legal terms before they can download your assets. Your colleagues and partners will have a complete end-to-end brand experience.

User Permissions

By default, all users within your company have permission to use all your account’s functionality. The User Permissions Plugin provides control over which users have permission to upload, edit, delete, and more.

Storage Packages

Storage Packages allow you to select the level of storage most appropriate for your business so you can upload, store and manage any file type, of any size, permanently.


Need some help getting your product content management system up and running? Choose from our tiered support model and our knowledgeable, passionate, and friendly staff will help your team maximize the power of Shotfarm, and ultimately your business.

Rich Media Hosting

Shotfarm’s Rich Media Hosting was designed to be super easy to manage on the backend, yet deliver the visual experience shoppers expect on the front end across desktop and mobile environments. Click HERE to learn more.