Manufacturers — Four Benefits of a Shotfarm Switch

Manufacturers — Four Benefits of a Shotfarm Switch

You weren’t hired to fill out new item setup sheets, were you? With Shotfarm’s Switches, Manufacturers can push content mapped to their Retailers output format. As we stated in the previous Switch blog post, a Switch is a product image and data export module that retailers publish to the Switch Marketplace where Manufacturers can install the Switches.

Manufacturers can upload product content in one central location. From a single set of data and assets—that you drag and drop—all of your partners receive perfectly transformed, converted and normalized content according to their specification. But don’t just take our word for it—see for yourself!

  1. Upload Product Data & Assets in Your Format and Deliver to Any Retailer in Their’s

A major source of pain for manufacturers is tailoring their product information and assets to each retailer’s unique format, system, and delivery request. A Switch can reduce a manufacturer’s data distribution workload and provide near real-time delivery to retailers who are used to waiting weeks or months for this information. Switches can also be modified at any time requiring little-to-no action from manufacturers—it’s that simple.

  1. A Branded Dealer Portal Combines the Power of Shotfarm with the Power of Your Brand

Manufacturers can add a custom login page, internal home page, and require your partners to accept marketing or legal terms before they can download your assets. With a branded dealer portal, your colleagues and partners will have a complete end-to-end brand experience. When your partners login they land on a custom page where you control the content.

  1. Save Thousands of Resource Hours Per Year

The tedious task of entering and mapping hundreds of pieces of data from a spreadsheet can be extremely time consuming for you and your company. With spreadsheets full of product content, it can be a pain to mapping over and over again to partners’ formats, which may take up hours of your time, that could be used elsewhere. With a Shotfarm Switch, your partners can easily grab content or share it automatically.

  1. Highest Possible Partner Adoption

The price and usability of a Switch is within reach of even the smallest manufacturer. However, the power behind the Switch will also put a smile on the faces of some of the world’s largest brands. Once installed, Manufacturers run a simple Field Mapping Wizard, turn on their Switch and begin automatic conversion, normalize the data feed, and delivery of their product content to retailers. And, as a manufacturer, you will want all of your retailers to join so you can seamlessly deliver your product content. If you don’t see your retailer in the Switch Marketplace, simply ask them to join!

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Use Shotfarm to automatically convert and deliver your partners’ data  and assets, so you can get back to doing what you do best! It’s simple: Create a Shotfarm account, upload your products, and immediately share them with any partner you choose! Need help installing a retailer’s Switch? Call us at 312.239.0823 or email On other promotions, please checkout this reputable plumbing company!