Improve Product Descriptions

Improve Product Descriptions

In the past year, 40% of consumers have returned an online purchase specifically due to poor product content. The quality and completeness of product information across retail industries and channels can significantly impact online sales and brand trust.  And, according to Shotfarm’s Product InformationReport, the impact of poor product information on digital sales is apparent in several areas. To improve sales, brand trust and shopping cart abandonment it is important to maintain up-to-date product descriptions.

Quality product data is important for all facets of the online retail business, which means improving product descriptions. In the infographic below, find Shotfarm’s top three tips for improving product descriptions and conversions:

Product Descriptions


Most returns come in the clothing and apparel category, where one in four consumers has returned an item due to inaccurate product information. With improved product descriptions, consumers will be able to find the information they need without running into complications. Updated, quality content helps consumers make educated decisions when it comes to the products they are interested in buying. When a Retailer or Manufacturer doesn’t have accurate product data, sales are lost and consumers find themselves returning products more often than they should.

According to the Product Information Report, 86% of the 1,500 consumers surveyed said they would be unlikely or very unlikely to make a repeat purchase with a retailer that provided inaccurate product information–only 13% said they would be likely to shop at that same retailer again. For this reason, Walmart continues to ask its suppliers for updated, quality content, so that they can not only provide new products to sell, but so that they can continue to provide their customers with the products they need and want while reducing returns and shopping cart abandonment online.

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