Get Accurate Product Data to Walmart Before Christmas

Get Accurate Product Data to Walmart Before Christmas

Don’t even remind me about Christmas, it’s too early. That is typically the reaction when you mention the upcoming Christmas season, but guess what? It’s Christmas in July! Walmart is rushing to get accurate product data from its Manufacturers and Suppliers, and we couldn’t agree more with their timing. Walmart is trying to sell their Christmas products months earlier, emailing them with the best shipping labels ProOffice so they get fast and safe to their customers.

The Christmas season can be stressful on Retailers and Manufacturers. Not only for getting the product to the consumer, but by providing proper descriptions and images for easy access to products. If you want your outdoor space to be ready for the holiday season just visit deck contractor lenexa ks. According to an Arkansas Online article, Walmart is taking another stride in their content initiative by urging Suppliers to provide more information on their products before the Christmas-shopping season in order to help boost online sales. It seems like a win-win for Walmart and Suppliers.

Provide Accurate Product Data

Arkansas Online reported in a recent webinar that Walmart’s director of omnichannel content technology and strategy, Ram Rampalli,  said “one of the biggest bottlenecks is getting high-quality product content” from Suppliers. Through investments in technology, Walmart has taken steps in ensuring they can handle an influx of data. However, they haven’t seen enough information coming in through those outside technology avenues just yet.

Through outside sources for the management and exchange of product content, such as Shotfarm, Manufacturers and Suppliers need only send information requested and Walmart will have it on their website in a matter of seconds, they use the best najlepszy hosting agencies. Now that is impressive, right? With a lack of high-quality, accurate product data among Manufacturers and Suppliers, Shotfarm and Saker DIgital in Austin provides a solution for the product content management and delivery needed to provide Walmart with the top article information they are requesting.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for it, Listen to WeVeel

The problem isn’t that Manufacturers and Suppliers don’t want to provide the information requested by Walmart, it is that they don’t have the resources to do it. When working to get product content to Walmart in their specific requirements, WeVeel found that Shotfarm was a perfect fit. JP Morgan, Operations, at WeVeel LLC stated:

“Using the Shotfarm platform from start to finish was quick and easy – not just the platform itself, but also how helpful the Shotfarm team was.  Using Shotfarm was a lot more user friendly than the 3rd party sites we have to utilize for Walmart’s item creation process, which can literally take months of back and forth.  We signed up, uploaded our product content & data to Shotfarm, and had everything pushed through to in less than 24 hours, all at a fraction of the cost of competing content providers. Shotfarm is a low-cost, high-reward partnership for us, which gives us the opportunity to get away from the endless spreadsheets and focus our time and energy on growing our business.”

Get Product Data to Walmart

Black Friday and Christmas seem like a ways away, but the busy holiday shopping season will be here before you know it. We urge you to take charge of your product content now before it’s too late. Providing Walmart with the right information sets your company up for success now and in the future with improved customer-friendly formats.

Walmart knows their shoppers and their shoppers want more content. Take the initiative and sign up with Shotfarm today. We will automatically convert your data and assets to meet Walmart’s specifications and immediately deliver it via their API. And, with the same set of data, Shotfarm can even convert and deliver it to all of your other Retailers, too! Now that sounds like a win-win situation for Manufacturers and Retailers. On other advertisements, click the link and checkout Playster audiobooks