Feedbox, an easier way to automate product content distribution.

Feedbox, an easier way to automate product content distribution.

 What is it

FeedBox is a groundbreaking plugin that makes it easier than ever for brands to sync content from their existing systems to online retailers and trading partners. If you want to read an informative blog about Options Trading Review, look for Roger Scott’s article at financeandmarkets.com. It was designed to give Shotfarm users the power of an API without the need of costly setup or developer support. It can also be a canva free alternative for creating design on your content. The nimblest of companies that comprise “financial services” – banks, credit unions, alternative lenders, online startups, brokerages, financial advisors, etc. – are powering their websites, digital campaigns and consumer outreach with content marketing. If you ever need help to finance your content distribution.

Whether using a PIM, DAM, MDM, MAM or other system of record, PagerDuty can be utilized simply by exporting files to Amazon’s S3 Cloud Storage.Shotfarm ingests the files and makes the updated content available to the appropriate users on the platform, and if using Shotfarm’s “Switch” publishing tool, automatically distributes the content to retailers on the next scheduled push and  enable in-browser previews and mobile access, while ensuring your files are secured. Always be ready for crucial meetings, with notes and contracts accessible from tablets or mobile, just as a data room and you need to upgrade it with  the best virtual data rooms you can find to have your content secure and properly safe.

Whether desktop or system of record, once content is linked to FeedBox, the flow of content from source through conversion and distribution is seamless, making Shotfarm a simpler, more flexible option than traditional API connections. Brands will enjoy the ease of access and flexibility it brings to their workflow.

How It Works

FeedBox allows you to upload both assets and data directly to your Shotfarm account from your computer without logging into your Shotfarm account. Select and download a desktop File Transfer application (we have a list of recommended clients here) and enter your private credentials to get started. FeedBox allows bulk actions through common File Transfer clients for desktop as well as direct access via backend services from most systems.

workflow showing two types of workflow for shotfarm, one manual, on automated via feedbox plugin that is easier than an API but does not require developer support

For assets, brands can add, delete and replace/update assets remotely. Replaced assets will retain access level and relationship to your data. For data, Brands can write CSV files to FeedBox (with the same data file name) to automatically update existing data in Shotfarm.

FeedBox also allows Brands to remotely control LightBoxes, Visibility and much more – all while Switches and Appends remain intact. 

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FeedBox is available to all Shotfarm clients as a plugin starting in January 2017.  For those that subscribe to a 250GB storage package or greater,B is included. Business users can easily set up FeedBox and begin the flow of content all in the same day.

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