Kroger Data Synchronization + Shotfarm

Shotfarm improves the speed and quality of content for CVS

Shotfarm is working with CVS to secure high-quality product content from the company’s vendor partners and to get this information online quickly.

CVS has deployed Shotfarm’s revolutionary “Switch” technology, a powerful data export module which automates the conversion, normalization, and delivery of product images and other assets. With the new CVS Switch, CVS Suppliers can readily format and convert product data into CVS’s desired format, making product management and exchange easier and faster than ever.

To date, more than 9,000 Retailers, Manufacturers and Distributors rely on the Shotfarm Switch platform to collect, host, and distribute product content. This pre-configured CVS data synchronization (via the Retailer’s Switch) provides a simple yet powerful asset management system specifically designed for merchants to share content with CVS.

It’s simple: Create a Shotfarm account, upload your products, and immediately share them with CVS or any other partner you choose.

Shotfarm makes delivery easy and efficient for CVS Vendors

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