About Shotfarm

Why We Created Shotfarm

Shotfarm was designed by a team of seasoned retail marketing professionals each of whom has growled in frustration over the unusually difficult task of getting product images and information from Point A to Point B, our retail marketing professionals have managed to use the best solo ads and apply their strategies into our brand, for it to grow each day more and more.

We’ve wasted unimaginable amounts of time and money managing hundreds of image requests, endless lists of FTP, DAM and private library logins, countless email attachments, CDs and DVDs just to get the images we needed into one place. And then we would spend even more time identifying, organizing, renaming and resizing them and then getting them to the proper teams.

In 2009, we left our respective careers to develop Shotfarm, a carefully crafted web-based system that has the power to solve an industry-wide problem by dramatically improving individual workflows. Use it, share it, enjoy it!

Our Philosophy

One System

One system, one password, one workflow. It just makes sense. Self-service access can then be given to any member, from internal departments to external partners.

Start with free

We’re committed to providing a single place for the retail marketing industry to connect and believe the only way to do this is to make it available to everyone for free, we want to make sure our customers understand what is digital transformation and how it can help them out.

Add Only What You Need

Other services will lure you with a bunch of extra features that you’ll end up never using. Shotfarm allows you to pay for just the additional features you need.

No Commitments

No contracts, no seat licenses (unlimited users-yes!). Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at anytime.

Member Driven

Instead of a bunch of developers creating “we could” features that no one wants, our ideas come from our users.

3/70s Edict

If 70% of our features are useful to 70% of our users 70% of the time, they go straight into production.

Why Shotfarm Works


Truly Centralized

Unlike any other Digital Asset Management system, shotfarm starts by centralizing product images and information within your entire industry.

Power of Many

Shotfarm has thousands of retailers and manufacturers connecting to transfer product images and information all from a centralized, standardized and simplified platform.

No Barrier to Join

Shotfarm’s Product Content Network™ is a free service available to all verifiable retailers and manufacturers.


Simple, yet Powerful

Retail veterans designed Shotfarm’s simple workflow and interface, but veteran developers gave it the power to handle anything thrown its way.


Safe and Secure

Manufacturers choose which retailers can access their content from a simple control panel. No login management, admins, or IT needed.


It works for your partners

Your partners will love Shotfarm just as much as you do. If a system doesn’t work for your partners then it wont work for you.


What are clients say about us

  • “Using the Shotfarm platform from start to finish was quick and easy – not just the platform itself, but also how helpful the Shotfarm team was. Using Shotfarm was a lot more user friendly than the 3rd party sites we have to utilize for Walmart’s item creation process, which can literally take months of back and forth. We signed up, uploaded our product content & data to Shotfarm, and had everything pushed through to Walmart.com in less than 24 hours, all at a fraction of the cost of competing content providers. Shotfarm is a low-cost, high-reward partnership for us, which gives us the opportunity to get away from the endless spreadsheets and focus our time and energy on growing our business.”
    JP MorganOperations | WeVeel LLC
  • "My company approached Shotfarm because we had no luck getting content published to our online retailer using their own publication tool. Shotfarm helped load our content and assets into their tool and it was all published to the online retailer site the next day. I was thrilled by how quickly our item was visible online with the correct content and assets. Their customer service and sense of urgency has been an important part my decision to continue using Shotfarm to publish content to our online retailer."
    Tiffany HendersonBusiness Development Manager – Walmart | Central Pet & Garden
  • “I noticed the nice features you’ve launched this morning including SuperSizer. Wow! You’ve really made it possible for retailers to get by without any complicated graphics software. I wish Photoshop had a batching function that was as easy to use!”
    Deb ColdironTeam Effort
  • “Shotfarm has created the holy grail of touchless image management for the entire retail industry, Kudos!”
    Gary SchwakeFounder | Asana Activewear
  • “Shotfarm.com has simplified the process of uploading media for manufacturers and downloading media on a dealer and retail level. They have superb customer service and respond promptly to any questions.”
    Alyssa ClarkK2 Sports
  • "Shotfarm is a complete, networked digital asset management system for both us and our valuable vendor partners. The centralized system dramatically streamlines our workflow and makes it easy for us to gather images from our vendors and host them on our site. The Shotfarm team provides exceptional service and is always available to help if we need it. We are excited about the partnership and look forward to continuing to work with Shotfarm in the future. We really appreciate everything you guys do!"
    Kelly BurdetteGeneral Merchandising Manager, eCommerce | PGA TOUR Superstore