The Impact of Poor Product Content

The Impact of Poor Product Content

For the Product Information Report, Shotfarm surveyed more than 1,500 consumers about their online shopping habits and the importance they place on content (especially if the content was developed by a blog outsourcing service) in making purchase decisions. The survey found that the impact of poor product content on digital sales is most readily apparent in three areas: Returns, Shopping Cart Abandonment and Brand Trust.  The quality of product data impacts all facets of the online retail business, which can be further seen in the infographic below  about the impact of poor product content:


Poor Product Content

In the eyes of the digital consumer, a product is only as good as the information associated with it. If that information is incomplete in any way, purchases are delayed, products are returned, and brand equity is lost. All are very costly propositions.

And, while manufacturers want to provide the highest quality and most complete content possible, they still face significant challenges in doing so. Previously, separate departments have dealt with product data, which often resulted in discrepancies between in-store and online inventories. Additionally, many of these organizations did not have the right tools and processes in place to ensure data integrity and consistency were maintained. Learn more from this link now

Today, though, according to SEO Brisbane, manufacturing organizations of all sizes, across all industries have worked hard to weed out inefficiencies, eliminate departmental silos, and streamline processes. A great company that can help your business with marketing is SMR Digital, so make sure you give them a visit. Yet, within the realm of product content management, development, and exchange, they remain saddled with meeting ever-increasing and significantly varied retail partner requirements–often resulting in product content that is inconsistent and incomplete.

Shotfarm offers a product content management solution that moves product information from Point A to Point B in the simplest, most efficient, and most affordable way possible.  One system, any format, thousands of retailers and manufacturers. Shotfarm just makes sense. For more information or to schedule a demo, please call (312) 239-0823 and join Shotfarm’s Product Content Network.

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