An Overview of Shotfarm Switches

An Overview of Shotfarm Switches

With Shotfarm’s Switches, Manufacturers push content through a Switch, while Retailers “receive content” through a Switch. But, wait, what is a Switch? A Switch is a data export module that retailers utilize to configure their unique product data, image, and delivery preferences.

Once configured, retailers publish to the Switch Marketplace where manufacturers can install the Switches to automate anything from simple delivery to conversion, normalization, validation and scheduled delivery of their content. More importantly, retailers can modify their Switch configurations at any time without requiring additional communication with—or action from—manufacturers and trading partners. In this three-part blog series we will touch base on Switches as a whole, Benefits for Manufacturers and Benefits for Retailers. The Utilizing a Switch from Shotfarm provides both Retailers and Manufacturers with a host of benefits, including:

Quick and Easy Configuration

When creating a Switch, retailers can choose from a number of powerful configuration options for images, data, delivery and messaging. Switch creation and use is free to a retailer account, which means there is no risk in creating a Switch, however, manufacturers will need to pay to install a retailer’s Switch. Manufacturers can upload information and easily push content through a Switch for their retailers.

Saving Thousands of Resource Hours Per Year

Managing spreadsheets and mapping data to your retailers’ fields takes hours and hours of your time that can be used more strategically elsewhere. Once in use, the Switch-based workflow can replace a manual process that often takes manufacturers up to 200 hours a year per retailer to complete. This allows them to focus on improving the quality of their content and reducing labor costs and time-to-market by up to 93 percent. Creating a Switch is as easy as clicking “Create new” and selecting options in the Switch Creator to complete automatic conversion, normalization and delivery of product content.

Increased Data Accuracy 

Shotfarm accepts more than 250 file types, which allows for the exchange of data files or image format and file types as diverse as PDF, XLS, or STL (for those of you into 3D printing or on-demand manufacturing). The Switch product allows brands to quickly map their data attributes to any retail specification—simplifying product content exchange and reducing time to market. Retailers can get accurate, reliable product data without complications, while manufacturers don’t have to tailor their content to each retailer, the Switch does the conversion for them.

What are you waiting for? Take charge of 2016 by avoiding common mistakes when you join over 9,000 retailers, including Walmart, and bring more control, speed and simplicity to your product data management. Need help setting up or installing a Switch? Call us at 312.239.0823 or email