New Plugin Store Supercharges your Workflow

New Plugin Store Supercharges your Workflow

Don’t miss out on Shotfarm’s new and improved, Plugin Store! Manufacturers (or “Brands”) use the Product Content Network to organize, manage, and distribute their product data and assets. However, in order to supercharge their workflow they turn to Shotfarm Plugins. By subscribing to a custom suite of affordable Plugins, you can make Shotfarm instantly more powerful and infinitely scalable. We have updated our Plugin Store to better meet your ever growing needs. Check out some of the latest updates at you won’t want to miss!

Asset Timer:  Automated Control of Brand AssetsAsset Timer Plugin Store

Do you have new products with future launch dates? Do you have assets that need to expire on a certain date? Then choose the Asset Timer plugin! As a manufacturer you want to easily share your assets with partners while automating the control of when they become available, or are removed from, the Product Content Network. This is where the Asset Timer plugin comes into play.

And it’s easy! By turning on the Asset Timer plugin, you can set specific dates to automatically change Access Levels from “My Company” (private) to “My Partners” (shared). The Asset Timer plugin provides automated control of who sees what, when!

Dealer Portal Plugin StoreDealer Portal: A Complete Branded Experience for Partners

Our most popular Plugin provides your coworkers and partners with a complete end-to-end branded experience. Starting with a dedicated partner entrance page with a custom URL (, and then an internal home page with your custom content including direct links to all your most important LightBoxes. And of course you can replace the Shotfarm logo with your own and change the default color scheme to match your own branding color scheme.

Once you are setup, you directly manage your portal content with our content management system (CMS). Through the use of our CMS you can manage the content for three custom pages, we suggest to also work on seo audit to better the optimization on the pages . Optionally, you can require your partners to accept marketing or legal terms before they download your assets for the first time

User Permissions Plugin StoreUser Permissions: Control Access to Key Functions Per User

By default, all users within your company have permission to use all of your account’s functionality. If you’d like complete control, the User Permissions Plugin provides just that. Simply put, subscribing to the User Permissions plugin lets you control who can do what within Shotfarm, for each user in your company. You control who has permission to Upload Assets, Manage Data, Edit Data, Delete Assets, and Manage LightBoxes. You can even control access to Company Branding and Rich Media Hosting functions if you are subscribed to those plugins.

Visit and log into the updated Shotfarm Plugin Store to see what other features are available for you! As a manufacturer, the addition of the right plugin can significantly transform your workflow. Contact us to schedule a demo or setup your plugins today!