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Shotfarm’s Product Content Network is the fastest growing and most widely adopted platform for the Management and Distribution of Product Information.

& Brands

Store, manage and share thousands of files of any type along with essential attributes with any number of internal and external partners at no charge. If the need arises, choose from additional features such as branded library with private login, additional storage, unlimited attribute fields and partner attribute mapping, and other advanced DAM/MDM features all at a level of affordability that only the purchasing power of a large group such as Shotfarm’s Product Content Network can bring.

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Retailers & Distributors

Shotfarm’s free Product Content Network puts a multi-million dollar Vendor Portal at your fingertips by centralizing the process of collecting approved, high-quality product and marketing content directly from any number of suppliers. For more advanced workflows, Shotfarm offers an impressive list of innovative and affordable PIM (Product Information Management) features that can completely automate the formatting, normalization, transformation, and delivery of product media and attributes.

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Join more than 9,000 Manufacturers, Brands, Retailers and Distributors who use Shotfarm to solve one of the biggest workflow challenges facing ecommerce.


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“I noticed the nice features you’ve launched this morning including SuperSizer. Wow! You’ve really made it possible for retailers to get by without any complicated graphics software. I wish Photoshop had a batching function that was as easy to use!”

— Deb Coldiron | Team Effort

“Shotfarm has created the holy grail of touchless image management for the entire retail industry, Kudos!”

— Gary Schwake | Founder | Asana Activewear

“Shotfarm really makes life easier for all of us, especially those of us on the web team!”

— Casi Cobb | Golfsmith

“Shotfarm’s incredible customer service and flexibility sets them apart from competitors. Whenever I have a question regarding the system’s capabilities, they go above and beyond to answer my question promptly and find a solution for my needs… if one does not already exist.”

— Farrell Hall Digital | Marketing Manager | Mountain Hardwear | Montrail

“ has simplified the process of uploading media for manufacturers and downloading media on a dealer and retail level. They have superb customer service and respond promptly to any questions.”

— Alyssa Clark | K2 Sports

“Shotfarm is a complete, networked digital asset management system for both us and our valuable vendor partners. The centralized system dramatically streamlines our workflow and makes it easy for us to gather images from our vendors and host them on our site. The Shotfarm team provides exceptional service and is always available to help if we need it. We are excited about the partnership and look forward to continuing to work with Shotfarm in the future. WE REALLY DO APPRECIATE EVERYTHING YOU GUYS DO!!!”

— Kelly Burdette | General Merchandising Manager, eCommerce | PGA TOUR Superstore

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Attrifuse™ allows Partners to map attribute fields to each other as well as to Marketplaces, Ecommerce Platforms, other systems and more!

mapperShotfarm’s Attrifuse™ will allow you to map thousands of product data fields to partners, marketplaces, data pools, and shopping engines for instant, formatted, normalized output!

  • Your format in, their format out!
  • Create all of your fields and categories at once using your existing Item Master
  • Maintain your data by loading new Item Masters or editing fields directly in Shotfarm
  • Field Change Notification
  • Map once and forget it
  • Smart Field Normalization
  • Either Partner can Map
  • Easiest UI Imaginable!
  • Scheduled API or OnDemand Delivery

Coming soon to Shotfarm’s Plugin Store! If you’d be interested in providing Beta feedback, please get in touch now.
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Introducing Shotfarm Valves: an extremely efficient and cost-effective alternative for any company that requires a Product Content Portal to facilitate their core business.


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3.0 is Here! Enterprise-Class Rich Media Hosting for Ecommerce is now Fully Customizable!


Take a look at our great new additions below!

Shotfarm’s Rich Media Hosting delivers advanced product presentation and maximum conversion rates at a fraction of the cost of legacy providers.

  • NEW! Viewer customization : You decide what viewer elements you want to show, how you want them styled, and precisely where you want them to appear
  • NEW! Hover-over zoom mode : The image automatically zooms to a set zoom level when the user moves their cursor over the main viewer window. You decide where the window appears and what zoom level to include
  • NEW! Full Browser Mode : New enlarge button opens the viewer to a full browser view
  • NEW! Custom icons : Upload your own control icons for a fully branded experience
  • NEW! Custom text : Now you can customize the text, font, size, and color of any viewer message
  • HTML5 Spin, Zoom, & Video
  • New Share and Embed Options
  • Lightning Fast CDN
  • Swatching & Inventory Support
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Asset Expiration & Syndication
  • Best Customer Service Ever

from $89/mo

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